UCLA’s 7 Habits, Good for 10 extra years! 

Loma Linda. is the only ‘Blue Zone’ for Health

in N America–It’s where I taught Health Science 

Archives of Internal Medicine, Sept 10, 2007 said Adverse Drug Reaction deaths increased 2.7 fold from 1998 to 2005. They’re now #1 cause of death

It’s more than heart disease! Diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers are reversible, seen in the China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell, Cornell U.

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Corporate Medical Cost Containment: Add 10 Yrs to Life & Reverse Disease
(UCLA’s Healthy Habits)

Corporate Wellness trends to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol, focus on medication for short-term gains, but it’s a prescription for long-term loss. Rx drugs compound the problem with Adverse Drug Reactions. People can be well by wise eating.

“The high-cost of medical care for heart disease and diabetes is reversible if employees understand the true causes,” says Richard Ruhling, MD, CEO of Total Health, focusing on corporate cost-containment.

Ruhling claims that medical care is not healthcare ~It’s disease care~the diagnosis & treatment of disease and there’s an inverse relationship. The more medical care one gets, the worse health becomes and costs rise in spite of symptoms relieved.

Ruhling offers Salvatore Frascinella as a good example ~ A 65 y/o NYC executive with three cardiologists who said he was too risky for bypass surgery, so they had him taking 12 pills a day but he continued to worsen– he couldn’t walk 2 blocks without severe chest pain…

However, diet did what his doctors could not do, and in spite of warnings, he quit his drugs and doctors to again be active, playing tennis. He said, “You saved my life!” He lived well and drug-free for 30 more years!

How we die depends on whether we depend on medicine or not. Drugs make sudden death more likely, or the end of life could come in a nursing home where the average number of prescribed drugs are 11. Patients are so spaced-out they can stand in the hallway and fill their diaper saying everything is ok. Statistics show half of new admissions die the 1st year. 

Dr. Lester Breslow of UCLA found 7 simple health habits that were good for an 11-year advantage compared to people who broke only had 3 or less. 

He says medical care risks a myriad of adverse drug reactions and early death or a nursing home. These are reasons why a keynote on real healthcare is better than “hot topics” like Innovation or Risk.  He says, innovation must address the real cause of medical problems & the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions that make medical care the http://LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com

Richard Ruhling, MD was board-certified in Internal Medicine after University of AZ training and Cardiology Fellowship at Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix and he taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. 

Contrast death in a nursing home on a dozen pills with Mrs Cooper. Her son, Dr. Ken Cooper wrote the book, Aerobics,  that got us jogging ~ In her 90’s she was still active and in her right mind with no need of custodial care until her death. Isn’t that better than a nursing home where half the new admissions die within a year?
Ruhling taught Health Sciences at Loma Linda University, a community was that featured in a National Geographic’s cover story on Longevity as the only ‘Blue Zone’ in North America. The National Institutes of Health gave my school $40 million to learn why the community lived 7 years longer than other non-smoking groups.
Ruhling’s speech is high impact, rated “Excellent” at a recent Expo, with stories from pictures above. His PowerPoint has more graphics than text and a video segment features Bill Clinton’s cardiologist from the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Esselstyn, who explains that people can reverse their heart disease and take the responsibility for their health (like Salvatore)

Five Take-Aways:
1. Medical care is not healthcare ~ It’s the Diagnosis & Treatment of Disease which was the focus of medical texts when I trained and passed the board exams for Internal Medicine. [In this age where not everyone is who they say they are, you can check this credential by the Reference Librarian to find my name in their Directory of Medical Speialists]
2. Adverse Drug Reactions have made medical care the leading cause of illness, disability and death. This is obscured by the media, supported by drug ads, that fail to report or discuss such topics. The last good study reporting deaths and serious events increased 2.7 fold from Adverse Drug Reactions ended 15 years ago. Why no updates?
3. The body is designed for self-healing. Cuts, burns and broken bones will heal. Heart disease is reversible and studies suggest the body’s immune system can be enhanced to deal with cancer before it spreads if our habits are positive.
4. Dr. Lester Breslow of UCLA found 7 simple health habits good for a 30-year advantage. We all need a NEW START~ Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in Nature and God.
5. The amazing thing about Breslow’s study was that it started before the Framingham Study on cholesterol was known, so Breslow’s study didn’t include questions to show the benefit of a low fat, low cholesterol diet, but wouldn’t we like to die at 104 as one of my med school teachers who assisted in heart surgery till 95!

Doing the Math! 
According to surveys, the cost of medical insurance has risen 5% per year for the last 6 years. Average employers pay $6,000 of $7,000 cost/employee, and this is expected to rise by 5% ($300) in 2019.
These costs are high because employees take advantage of their coverage to “Ask the doctor” (drug ads) But armed with keynote information, dvd and book, your employees will have a better strategy.

▪️ Some will choose to stop smoking like 100 of 150 smokers in a program at the University of Arizona. (Huge cut in cancer and emphysema!) 

▪️ Your employees won’t need a penicillin shot for the flu. It’s ineffective against viruses and I can share a strategy that cuts down-time in half.

▪️ They may discontinue post-menopausal estrogen to avoid breast cancer

▪️ Diabetics who cut the fat in their diet can cut their pills and blood sugar

▪️ Those with heart disease can choose to reverse it as the US News cover story shows.

▪️Those seeing their doctor regularly for prescriptions may try a change in diet and natural remedies found on the internet. –all of these represent ways that a keynote on healthcare can help avoid medical care which is the true leading cause of death and misspent funding for companies. 

If 1000 attend the keynote and choose a NEW START with Nutrition, Exercise, Water, etc, they won’t need to “ask the doctor” and instead of a $300 cost increase, savings per employee could save your company $300,000.

This also fits well with the high deductible of Health Savings Accounts. Why wait for more proof that it works?

Questions? Please call 928 583 7543 or email Ruhling7@juno.com
This program addresses the real cause of medical problems and to manage the risk of medical care as a leading cause of illness and death. This is real healthcare!

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