You’ll Love What You Get for Your $9.99 to Help our Non-profit –sorry, we can only do US shipping because of costs, but we can send digital copies overseas!

This dvd is the best tool to show how most diseases can be reversed with wise eating. It’s 88-minutes and here’s an 8 minute introduction–click the red button with arrow–

1. You get the full 88-minute DVD that plays in a computer drive and some DVD players. It’s a priceless bargain on Amazon for $14 (includes shipping), AND you get 2 high-value books as a bonus!

2. Health, Happiness & Destiny is the companion book, also $14 on Amazon and well-worth it–you can see a couple great reviews below–it’s in quality softcover. See the 1-minute video below!

3. Scientists say that earthquakes on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” are increasing in frequency and intensity. It’s only a matter of time till calamity hits the west coast–they say it could even be tomorrow for the San Andreas that’s overdue.

The world’s best-selling book has an earthquake encoded four ways in Revelation–that’s why it’s overlooked. It will signal a time of judgment.

Three timelines and 7 events point to next year:

Summary: You get the ‘Eating’ DVD, the book Health, Happiness & Destiny in soft cover AND MegaQuake 2023 in digital form and a link to the Eating video that you can share with family, etc. This is a $25-30 value, all for $9.99, postpaid.

First go to https://square.link/u/sfJPHG0Q and include your address for mailing. Then go to https://thebridegroomcomes.wordpress.com/thank-you/ to download MegaQuake 2023 to read while your waiting for mail!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you have a problem like downloading, please email me, Ruhling7@juno.com, also confirm your mailing address, Thank You, Dr. Ruhling

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