You’ll Love What You Get for Donating–US only due to shipping costs but we can send digital copies.

Option 1: This dvd is the best tool to show how most diseases can be reversed with wise eating. It’s 88-minutes and here’s an 8 minute introduction–

The dvd is $10 on Amazon + $4 shipping, but we don’t charge shipping and will include a well-illustrated 80-pg condensation of the best-selling ‘Great Controversy’ advertised in TIME Mag. Use PayPal for your $10 donation to Total Health; send to Ruhling2@juno.com

Option 2: For your $20 gift, we will include the “Eating” DVD with “Health, Happiness & Destiny” that has only 5-star reviews on Amazon where you can get it for $9.68 plus shipping and we also include the bonus book, What’s Behind the New World Order? mentioned above.
It shows what’s behind the UN global government besides big money. Reviewers say “Highly Recommended…5 stars” Use PayPal sent to Ruhling2@juno.com $20

Option 3: For a $50 donation, you get the DVD and 3 books in the left column and a phone consultation for a health concern or discussion of current events as related to the Bible or question of your choice. You may call 928 583 7543. I’m confident you will be blessed by these materials.

The Bible teaches us that “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We find this to be true and appreciate the opportunity of sharing with you. May God bless you in your journey and if we might help, please let us know! Ruhling7@juno.com

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