UCLA’s 7 Healthy Habits Add 10 Years to Life & Life to Years!

Loma Linda. is the only ‘Blue Zone’ for Health in N America–Iwhere I taught Health Science!

Archives of Internal Medicine, Sep 10, 2007–“Adverse Drug Reaction deaths increased 2.7 fold from 1998 to 2005.” Now they’re the #1 cause of death, 

It’s more than heart disease! Diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers are reversible, seen in the China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell, Cornell Univ.

Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH is board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. There he got life-changing insight, enabling him to develop a Total Health Seminar designed to help people make positive changes in their lifestyle.

Dr. Lester Breslow, Dean at nearby UCLA reported that 7 simple health habits are good for 30 extra years compared to people who break all the rules–an advantage that far exceeds all the advances of medical care that’s now a leading cause of illness and death due to medical error & adverse reactions.

National Geographic featured Loma Linda where Ruhling taught Health Science, in their cover story on longevity as the only ‘Blue Zone’ for health in the western hemisphere, Nov 2005  & his school was funded $40 million to discover why the community lived about 7 years longer compared to similar non-smoking groups.

Talking Points on Health

  • 7 Golden Rules of Health that Give a 30-Year Advantage Compared to the Person Who Breaks All the Rules
  • Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor!
  • NEW START: How to Reverse Most Medical Conditions by Eating Better (Hippocrates: Let your food be medicine)
  • How Medical Care Became a Leading Cause of Death

Talking Points on Coronavirus:

  1. Why can’t doctors find a medicine that kills viruses?
  2. How do vaccines work?
  3. Why don’t vaccines work well against flu?
  4. What can a person do to help their immunity?
  5. What changes in diet are recommended?
  6. In 1918 Swine Flu killed half of those infected in Europe, but only 1% of those who were treated in the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Can you tell us about that–why the difference?
  7. What experience have you to show this works?
  8. Could you comment on the use of Vitamin C
  9. Are there herbs that help immunity?
  10.  What else can help?

Myths Begging to Be Busted

  1. Medical care is healthcare. There is an inverse relationship; the more medical care one gets, the worse the health becomes.
  2. Drugs cure disease. Drugs are symptomatic in nature and do not alter the disease process. People are in bondage to a system that says, “See me again next month…”
  3. Preventive health care includes a yearly checkup. Having done Executive Health for four years, the physil exam, look up the rectum, most blood tests & x-rays aren’t usually helpful.
  4. Flu Shots & Vaccinations are part of healthcare. The CDC owns the patents on many vaccines and recommends them to all. There is shabby evidence for some vaccines and serious concern for mercury used as a preservative in multi-dose vials.
  5. Women need dairy products, calcium to avoid osteoporosis.
  6. Vegetarians risk not getting enough protein.
  7. Your government cares about your health. 

“Your program is the best I’ve seen in the wellness area that I work so much with.” Tom Roberts, Blue Cross Mngr, Chattanooga

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