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What’s The #1 Leading Cause of Death? New Book “Health, Happiness & Destiny” Exposes The Truth- Prescription Drugs

Flagstaff, AZ – Dr. Richard Ruhling taught Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured in a National Geographic cover story on longevity. “They were trying to find out the secret as to why so many people in my town were living well into their 80’s, 90’s and even 100 years of age,” says Ruhling.

In Dr. Ruhling’s new book Health, Happiness & Destiny he shares the secrets of how just about anyone can live an extra 10 years. “I’m 78 years old,” says Ruhling, “and I am in better health now than when I was 35! How do I do it? Diet, exercise and faith and staying away from the leading cause of death…PRESCRIPTION DRUGS and Medical Care.”

“Funny thing,” adds Ruhling, “The Center for Disease Control doesn’t even mention medical care in their list of top 10 causes of death!  I reveal the truth in my book because so many people don’t know what they don’t know about prescription drugs.”

The Journal of American Medical Assoc. reported 106,000 deaths in hospitals from Adverse Drug Reactions (April 1998). But most people don’t die in hospitals. 199,000 died outside the hospital from prescription drugs, reported in the Western Journal of Medicine, (June 2000). Together, they represent 305,000 deaths. From 1998 to 2005, deaths from ADRs increased 2.7 fold. (Archives of Internal Medicine)

“Ads on TV promoting new drugs actually cause more use and, you guessed it, more people dying from Adverse Drug Reactions,” says Ruhling, citing a 2.7-fold increase since 2007.

Ruhling was board-certified in Internal Medicine and had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured in National Geographic as the only ‘Blue Zone’ for health in N. America for a preponderance of people living beyond national averages. (Nov, 2005).

“In this essential book, Dr. Ruhling demonstrates how eating right, avoiding bad habits, and a strong faith, can form the foundation for a healthier lifestyle.” John J. Kelly, Detroit Free Press

Ruhling decries the CDC disinformation because when people don’t see drugs as a leading cause of death and they think they may die from heart disease, they are more inclined to take drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol and they are at higher risk for doing so.

According to Ruhling, medical care is not healthcare; it’s the diagnosis and treatment of disease—it’s disease care and has an inverse relationship to health. The more one sees the doctor and takes prescription drugs, the worse one’s health becomes. He says we should remember Hippocrates—“Let your food be your medicine.” His book shows how this is possible, affirming Pritikin’s findings that a low fat, low cholesterol diet helps reverse most chronic conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes as a growing number of physicians are discovering. The book has received high praise from many doctors and top reviewers:

“Everyone, young, old, fit or unfit, will benefit greatly from reading this eye-opening book by Richard Ruhling, MD, providing powerful pointers on the important part we play in achieving total mind and body health.” Susan Keefe, Midwest Book Review, 5-stars

“This is a splendid book by a man who obviously cares about the radiant life! Accompanying the physical health guidance is the liberal use of scriptural references that provide thoughtful moments of reflection. Highly recommended.” Grady Harp, MD, Top 100 Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

“A very enjoyable read with a few “aha” moments… I wanted more. I found the section on healthcare to be very interesting.” Dr. Josh Powell

Health, Happiness & Destiny Come from Wise Choices, ispublished by Total Health Pub, ISBN 1700465600, 2019 paperback, $6.49, Kindle: $2.99 199 pages, available in fine bookstores everywhere and on Amazon. “Buy it and treat yourself to a meal for your mind,” concludes Ruhling.

About Richard Ruhling MD. Author Richard Ruhling earned both his MD and Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University, followed by a cardiology fellowship and residency in Internal Medicine. He has taught Health Science at Loma Linda University and has become well known for his total health approach for a better life. He has published 15 books on health, current events and Bible topics, but this book has a great overview- I guarantee your satisfaction with what you find at the Amazon link above!

Published by thebridegroomcomes

Dr. Richard Ruhling has an evangelical background that includes a Bible college and post-graduate studies in prophecy and end times from Daniel and Revelation. He has authored six books and may be contacted for speaking or inquiries at Ruhling7@juno.com

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